Life in Puebla



Yes, Puebla was our home for almost a week.


This was Steven’s first public talk in another country and the last time he would wear a suit coat for a long, long while.


Gerardo’s mom adopted me. She just about started taking down pictures of him as a little boy and replacing them with pictures of us. I’m pretty sure he’s jealous.


There was never a shortage of food in Puebla. Some sisters came over one evening and brought us some poblano peppers stuffed with meat and topped off with pomegranate seeds. In case you didn’t know, poblano peppers are from Puebla and hence the name.



Mt. Puebla was acting up one morning which was neat. It’s not really called Mt. Puebla, but I do not know its real name, so we’ll stick with Mt. Puebla for now.


Loved eating that street vendor food in Puebla. Fresh elotes are one of their specialties and they are GOOD!


Mr. Taco Makin’ Man was really throwin’ ’em out. Best street tacos EVER!


Going to the market with Gerardo was one of the most interesting things I did. It was like Wall Street for fruits and veggies.


Gerardo knows how to pick out some fresh food.


Ana loved helping Tía Carmen with the laundry. I don’t think she had ever seen a clothes line before.