3. A Week in Puebla

Let me tell you a story about a man named Jed. No, his name is Gerardo. Gerardo Rodríguez. If you didn’t read the previous post, you might now know all the effort he went through to help us realize our goal. When Gerardo found out we were driving, he talked to his brother, who used to serve in Mexico Bethel, to see if he could arrange some help. His brother called some old contacts in Bethel who in turn got him in touch with the circuit overseer who covers Nuevo Laredo, México. This brother in turn communicated with the circuit overseer who serves the congregations on the US side. Once the two COs got talking, they arranged for Brother Mata to be our escort from Laredo, Texas to Monterrey, México. Gerardo purchased a one-way ticket from México City to Monterrey in order to meet up with the Matas; they basically played a game of ‘pass the gringos’. He then drove with us in our van all the way to Puebla. On this post we would like to share with you some of the fun we had with him, his beautiful wife, Carmen, and their daughter Nayeli.


Please check out some life lessons Gerardo gave our children while letting them work at Mr. G’s
We spent a Saturday preaching in the Nahuatl field. Check this out to learn more
Here you can see a bit about the city and Gerardo’s family



7 thoughts on “3. A Week in Puebla

  1. I love this! So glad to see everything is going well for all of you. Saludos to you and Amanda, and hugs and kisses to the kids. Keep posting your experience!! Much love!

  2. Ana is soo cute as a server! Your experiences are very encouraging 🙂 thanks for sharing and keep us posted as much as you can! May Jehovah keep blessing all your efforts.

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