6. Regional Assembly

Well, the day finally came. Although we had already been to the 2016 Regional Assembly in the States, we accepted the work invitation. Boy, were we ever glad we did!

After unpacking everything from the truck from San Lucas, we get to work running cable and setting up the equipment


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2000+ plastic chairs were shipped in. They first served as ladders to facilitate the washing of the windows. In case you’re counting, that’s 25 chairs high


All set up. Still some echo issues, especially in the back, but we made a few tweaks and decided the human bodies absorbing the sound would take care of the rest


The nicely-done sign gave a high-visibility witness to everyone coming in to Jutiapa


The view from the other side. Yeah, that’ll do just fine. Well done, brothers!


Gotta get ’em trained early. Sitting at the sound table always makes little boys feel special


Keijirou and I were at the jacket-optional A/V table together the entire three days. That’s our boss man behind us



Most of the A/V crew. Platform was behind stage, of course



At 8:00 the doors open. I saw but one person running (a ten year old child).


Always exciting to see someone from your congregation having a part on the assembly. Our coordinator was chairman one afternoon


Hot Stuff mopping up the floor one morning before doors opened at 8:00


20161021_174139When not everyone has a car and public transportation has stopped running for the day, this is how you get to/from the assembly location. Just after we took this picture, another brother jumped on the bumper and rode home that way, hanging on to the bar at the back


Due to a shortage of money, it is customary for nearby congregations to host friends who live far away. Several stayed in homes of publishers in our congregation, but more than 30 slept on our Kingdom Hall floor, including a couple of elderly sisters. No complaints, just thanks


How does this compare with the hotel you last stayed at for your regional assembly? Did you complain about the complimentary breakfast, how you didn’t get the fridge you were promised, or how it was more than 15 minutes away from the coliseum?


A game of Jenga helped the visiting friends pass their time at our Kingdom Hall after the day’s session


Ana brought over some games to play with the girls who were visiting


Someone loaned the friends a stove and the sisters got to work cooking for everyone


These are two fleshly sisters who stayed with us in our house. They have being going from one area to another for almost 30 years, according to where the Branch sends them. They start congregations, build them up, and then move on, spending about four years in each area. They are now on their seventh assignment. It was very encouraging to know them and benefit from their ability to live simply


Please meet Daniela. She’s an interested person who comes to our meetings. She is deaf and has taught herself some Guatemalan Sign Language. She and Ana have made a connection of sorts, and Daniela was thrilled that Ana would sit with her during the assembly one day. Like many deaf people, Daniela understandably seems to suffer from feelings of isolation, so we always try to make her feel welcome, even though we can’t communicate with her as much as we want to.


This is Sydney. He’s 11 and is the son of one of the elders in a nearby congregation. I’m so glad he and Bailey got the chance to know each other a bit more


This is Diego. He is 11 years old and is a regular pioneer. Being baptized and pioneering at such a young age is not that uncommon here in Guatemala, which was part of the draw for us. It’s nice for the children to have friends that will be examples for them and make them want to do more for Jehovah


Three beautiful ladies from the Los Laureles – El Progreso congregation. Mandy and Ana were wearing typical Guatemalan attire. Their outfits were handmade by a sister in the congregation. The Quiché-speaking women, many of whom live in our territory, wear these outfits


With a Japanese couple from a nearby congregation. She is also wearing typical attire, although fom a different area. I think it says a lot about a person when they are willing to adopt the culture of the area where they currently reside, instead of alway insisting on their own


After a long three days, we decided to ‘go American’ on the way home. The kids had been begging to go to Wendy’s since the day we got to Guatemala, and their time finally came just three months later. These were three very happy children



5 thoughts on “6. Regional Assembly

  1. Amazing!!! We’re so proud of all of you! And Jehovah is smiling on you, Amanda and the kids as you serve him faithfully where the need is great! It’s funny….when we arrived in Honduras a few years ago, the first place hubby wanted to go was Wendy’s…he hadn’t had Wendy’s since we left the states. He was a happy camper too!! Enjoy queridos amigos!!

  2. This reminds me of the Gilead graduation. One sister said we feel closer to our brothers and sisters from different cultures than we do to those of our own culture who don’t serve Jehovah. What a beautiful thing!

    1. I never thought of it that way, Andy, but it’s so, so true. We have almost nothing in common with worldly people in our own culture, but so much in common with those from other countries who are our brothers

  3. This is so beautiful…every part of it! We were thinking of you during watchtower today. You guys are doing an amazing job in making the truth real to the kids!

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