4. La congre

Being with your family in a beautiful country can mean even so much more when you’ve got a beautiful Kingdom Hall filled with beautiful people to call home. Soon after we got here, the congre threw a rooftop welcome party for us! Food, games, laughs…

*** Note the pickup bed topper / entertainment system shelf / children’s play cave on the left ***


The congregation splits up into “Broadcasting groups” each month to watch the latest episode. Ours met at the Kingdom Hall one time and ate supper together afterwards. Eating at the Kingdom Hall will be a recurring theme here


This is where all the fun happens



20160901_180904Nothing wrong with getting there early and enjoying talking with the friends before the brother with the key shows up to open the gate



Why is it so hard to get all children to look at the camera at the same time?



On our second midweek meeting we got to do the return visit as last-minute substitutes. It would appear that Austin (bottom left corner) was not at all impressed with his parents’ performance



We were integrated into the meeting program soon enough. Many people can’t pronounce “Bailey” so they started calling him “James”. Not really sure that’s any easier to pronounce, but whatevs….



This is the night we had parts back-to-back-to-back. Please note the complete lack of suit coats. In case you’re wondering: no, it does not take any time at all to get used to. In fact, it’s quite the opposite; it’s more like your body asking you, “Why haven’t we been doing this all along?”



What to do when there’s no power at the Kingdom Hall? You just go ahead and do the meeting by candlelight. The. Whole. Meeting.



A beautiful young couple with their sweet little girl, Madison. They are in our service group now



This is Cecilia, our sound servant (not kidding). You can always count on her to make sure everything is ready to go on time (also not kidding). It will definitely be sad when the time comes for a brother to be trained (also also not kidding)



Meet Deyvis. I call him ‘Big D’ because even by U.S. standards, he’s a big dude. Being with him makes me feel normal




This never gets old. Ever. Oh, how I miss those days. So, so much



This is the body of elders. I have already learned so, so much from the other three and I know there is much, much more for them to teach me.



What to do after the meeting? Why not move the chairs in a big circle and eat supper altogether? Seriously, why not?


Cleaning the Kingdom Hall is a privilege, even though you might have some fun while doing it


Gotta teach them boys early lest they grow up thinking cleaning is woman’s work



Gotta keep those stairs free of debris, girlfriend!



Yessir. Bailey felt like a million dollars when he got to ride home from Kingdom Hall like this



13 thoughts on “4. La congre

  1. I can’t wait to get the next installment of your family’s adventure. If you don’t know already. Arracelli got baptized in September. We miss you.

  2. Que alegría ver que están disfrutando de su asignación, gracias por compartir con todos nosotros sus experiencias. Que Jehová los siga bendiciendo por sus esfuerzos de servirle al máximo, esto es de gran ánimo para nosotros. Un saludo y abrazo grande a todos!

    1. ¡Gracias, Paola! Aunque extrañamos a todos en Monroe, también estamos disfrutando de conocer a otros aquí. Saludos a todos allá por favor de parte de todos nosotros

  3. We really enjoyed reading your experiences so far. What an awesome experience for your family & your kids! This is probably one of the best decisions for your family, and you will have so many good memories seeing how Jehovah takes care of you. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Magdiel. We really appreciate your encouragement and support, even before we left. Thanks for your great example!

     Beloved one, you show your faithfulness in what you do for the brothers, even though they are strangers to you.  They have given a witness about your love before the congregation. Please send them on their way in a manner worthy of God.  For it was in behalf of his name that they went out, not taking anything from the people of the nations. So we are under obligation to show hospitality to such ones, so that we may become fellow workers in the truth.
    (Donna and I are so encouraged by your story)

  5. Hi Osbourne family!

    So nice to see you all working hard for Jehovah and may he keep on blessing your efforts. We miss you guys! Say hello to the friends in the congregation from us:)

  6. Nos alegra saber que están bien y sobretodo que los niños están disfrutando cuídense mucho se les quiere y extraña mucho

  7. I don’t see how Bailey or James is harder to pronounce than Jojagnes. Also, I recognize Bailey’s sunglasses while on the motorcycle.

    1. Busted, Drew. But do you mean you recognized the shades while YOU were on a motorcycle, or that you recognized them while Bailey was on the motorcycle?

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