9. Coming soon

We’ve got a lot more to show you, but for now we’ve got to get back to other things. Stay tuned and thanks for your interest….


12 thoughts on “9. Coming soon

  1. Es una bendicion de jehova permitir que uds estubieran con nosotros un tiempo ya que eso nos animo a servirle con mas fe y amor
    Gracias a el y a uds familia osborne los queremos y apreciamos mucho.
    Que jehova los siga bendiciendo

    1. Gerardo, jamás olvidaremos tu abnegación e interés en nosotros y tampoco podremos recompensarte nunca. Qué sea Jehová quien lo haga (Malaquías 3:10)

  2. Hi Steve Amanda & family , I am so proud of your family for trusting Jehovah to care for all of you in a different cultural environment! I know Jehovah will richly bless your efforts as you continue to trust Him & put Him first in your lives !! Matt 6:33 . Agape ‘ Sis Fay Rodriques 🙂

  3. Dear ones! Your faith is an inspiration to all who know and love you! May Jehovah pour out his blessings and guide you in the ministry to help others. The experiences you have shared are so encouraging and shows what an amazing brotherhood exists in Jehovah’s organization! Love you, Arlene and Jimmy

    1. Thanks so much, Brother Conklin, for your kind words. Can you believe it’s been twenty years since you gave our wedding talk? Please say hi to Arlene from all of us

  4. Que rico saber que están bien y que están disfrutando del servicio y la compañía de los hermanos . Están bellísimas las fotos . Apreciamos mucho que nos tengas en cuenta y que nos sigas contando la guatemorfosis .
    Que Jehova continúe bendiciendo sus sacrificios y esfuerzos.

  5. I’m not afraid come what may
    This kind of life gets better every day, every day, every way
    I- I wanna live for more than me
    I wanna give ’till I feel free
    That is the best feeling ever
    I- I know this’ll last forever

    Come with me you’ll see

    This is the best life ever

  6. Hi Steven and Amanda, Bailey James, Anastasia and Austin Trevor;

    We are so proud of all of you, you are a great example for Tony and I. May Jehovah bless you all and give you the endurance needed to continue with your assignment.

  7. Hi Mandy, Steven, Bailey, Ana, And Austin! We miss you guys so much. Wish we could just pop by for a visit😆! You must be enjoying your assignment! I bet you kids are getting so good at your Spanish. Bella says Hello. She went to her 2cnd Spanish meeting recently and made a nice comment. Aleyeah from our hall has been a good influence as well as your fine examples. I would love to hear from you kids. I love you so much and am a very proud Tia Taryn!😊 I’m sending huge bear hugs. Yes even you Bailey and Austin😄😚😚. Love reading our experiences guys! Very faith strengthening. Keep up all your fine efforts. They never go unnoticed. Love you all💓💓

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